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[City League Aichi: Runner Up] Blacephalon Naganadal Deck List [Hikki Commentary]

Please find the original Japanese-language article here . Hi, here. This time we will be discussing the Aichi City League that occurred on the 30 th of December. We interviewed Hikki (@ 06269029 ), the runner up of the tournament, and have gotten some deck commentary as well. Please read ahead to learn about Blacephalon Naganadal, an archetype which can thrive in all sorts of metagames. Deck List Hikki explained his Blacephalon deck is characterised by the copies of Kiawe he runs. The ability to pile Energies onto either Blacephalon or Naganadal with Kiawe may become an increasingly common strategy in the future.  It is also interesting to see that the line of draw Supporters is quite thin, with only one Cynthia, four Lillie and one Erika's Hospitality. Find out more detail about the deck in the interview below. Interview with Hikki PCN: Hello. Congratulations on your recent finish at the City League. Could you please give

[City League Hiroshima: Top 8] Alolan Ninetales GX Gardevoir GX Deck List [Yoshida Commentary]

Find the original Japanese-language article here . Today we will be discussing the deck that made top 8 at the City League held on the 6 th of January at the Card Box Fukuyama store. This Alolan Ninetales Gardevoir deck will be explained by Yoshida (@ overyozo ), who piloted it to a top 8 finish. Yoshida explains this deck in detail and discusses its position in the Tag Team meta, so Fairy lovers and haters alike should check out the article. This format is an Energy heavy environment so this is definitely a deck to watch out for! Introduction My name is Yoshida. I played in the Hiroshima City League. I started playing Pokemon around when the GX Starter decks came out. [Note: These were released in July 2018.] This was my first time playing in an official, relatively large tournament so I imagine that there are some parts of my article which reflect my immaturity when it comes to the game’s strategies. However, I do hope you can read my article until

The Monty Ball Problem (Re: Nest Ball and Great Ball)

The original article was written by Shintaro Ito. Please find the original Japanese-language article  here.  Note my translation is not a perfect translation and I have rearranged and reworded some parts of the original article for clarity and readability.   Yesterday, a survey went around on Twitter: [Translation:  You are playing Lycanroc Zoroark. In your hand, you have a Zorua, 4 Zoroark GX, a Great Ball, a Nest Ball and a Double Colourless Energy. How do you use Nest Ball or Great Ball? Please select your option below. Nest Ball first Great Ball first Nest Ball Great Ball ] Even amongst top players, opinions were divided. Why did opinions vary so much? What kind of things do we need to consider in order to get the correct answer? I will breakdown the problem for you. Not playing any cards down Many people have misunderstood the nature of this problem. They think the problem is between two options: using Nest Ball and then Great Ball, or using Great Ball a