The 16th PokemonCardMemo Cup Results (SM1-SM9b)

Find the original Japanese-language article here.

The 16th PokemonCardMemo Cup was held on the 11th of February. (This is an unofficial Pokemon event, similar to ARG events).

This tournament preceded the Champions League Chiba, and over 100 people participated. Thank you to all our participants.

Below, we have laid out information regarding decks and their popularity.  

Deck Distribution

Pikachu Zekrom had the highest play percentage of all decks. It has performed very well at City Leagues and is indisputably one of the most powerful decks in this meta. Players have been experimenting with different counts as evidenced by the lines of Pokemon and Supporters varying hugely.

In second place, Ultra Necrozma. Holding incredible strength, it is popular due to being able to one shot Tag Team Pokemon. Ultra Necrozma appeared in the last PokemonCardMemo Cup (which was a team tournament) and in multiple City Leagues as well.

Taking third place was Jirachi Zapdos. Although it has been decreasing in play, the build that was popular at this tournament was similar to Okapi’s build which won a City League. [I have searched for this list but have been unable to find it…]

Will Pikachu Zekrom and Ultra Necrozma perform highly at the Chiba Champions League as well? Or will an entirely new deck take the tournament by storm? I am looking forward to the next week.

This concludes the 16th PokemonCardMemo Cup Report. Once again, thank you to all of you who participated in the tournament.

Find the original Japanese-language article here.