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An Early Look at SM9a and SM9b

Individual lists have been compiled in this spreadsheet: click here . For the past two months, Japan has been playing a metagame that will remain unique to the rest of the world. While most other countries get a new set to play with every three months, Japan’s sets are a third of the size and released monthly. This means the format played in Japan is only ever the same as it is in the rest of the world for a maximum of one month, and never concurrently. Essentially, the release of these first two sets create a format irrelevant to non-Japanese players. This data will still give us an early look into how playable some of these new cards are, but the results need to be taken with a grain of salt. It can also help illustrate the meta development leading up to the Chiba Champions League, of which the results are already well known (and can be found here ). All the results below are correct as far as we know, however information is generally difficult to find so we are unfortunat