The 19th Pokemon Card Memo Cup Results Report (World Championships 2019 Format)

Please find the original Japanese-language article here. Note my translation is not a perfect translation and I have rearranged and reworded some parts of the original article for clarity and readability. Find also some explanatory comments inside square brackets, italicised.

The 19th Pokemon Card Memo Cup was held on Sunday, the 14th of July.

This tournament was UPR-on, the same format as Worlds. The participants included Worlds representatives as well as those not making the trip to America. Thank you very much for your participation. 

The final standings and the deck distribution are below. 

Ranking Announcement

The top performers were as follows: 

1st Place: Hibiki (Pikachu & Zekrom) 

2nd Place: B3 (Pikachu & Zekrom)

3rd Place: Souyu (Pikachu & Zekrom) 

4th Place: Natsuru (Pikachu & Zekrom) 

5th Place: Hirano (Pikachu & Zekrom) 

6th Place: Maaya (Blacephalon Naganadal) 

7th Place: Katou (Ultra Necrozma) 

8th Place: Reiji (Ultra Necrozma) 

Pikachu & Zekrom took up the top five spots. Despite the lack of Ball cards available in the Worlds format, Pikachu & Zekrom is able to achieve a reliable set up through using Electromagnetic Radar. It should also be mentioned that due to the rotation of Guzma and Acerola, Alolan Raichu & Raichu GX's paralysis will have greater influence. 

Blacephalon Naganadal and Ultra Necrozma are also predicted to be powerful in the World Championships format, which is in line with the results. 

The ranking of all participants is as follows: 

1Hibiki15 (5/1/0)
2B315 (5/1/0)
3Souyu15 (5/1/0)
4Natsuru13 (4/1/1)
5Hirano13 (4/1/1)
6Maaya13 (4/1/1)
7Katou12 (4/2/0)
8Reiji12 (4/2/0)
9Naohito12 (4/2/0)
10Ryo12 (4/2/0)
11Abura12 (3/0/3)
12Shunsuke (Yoshi)12 (4/2/0)
13Kori12 (3/0/3)
14Hiro11 (3/1/2)
15Yami no Koromo11 (3/1/2)
16Mokkii11 (3/1/2)
17Arisu11 (3/1/2)
18Yuuri11 (3/1/2)
19Yuutarou11 (3/1/2)
20Yukichi Fukuzawa10 (3/2/1)
21Take10 (3/2/1)
22Possuu10 (3/2/1)
23Kanzaki10 (3/2/1)
24Hajime9 (3/3/0)
25Soshi9 (3/3/0)
26Moto9 (3/3/0)
27Ryo9 (3/3/0)
28Kyaro9 (3/3/0)
29Megachiku9 (3/3/0)
30Aika9 (2/1/3)
31Purarine9 (3/3/0)
32Hosoya9 (3/3/0)
33Toshi9 (2/1/3)
34KC9 (3/3/0)
35Shunsuke8 (2/2/2)
36Tomu8 (2/2/2)
37Barubina8 (2/2/2)
38Shuusuke7 (2/3/1)
39Misaki7 (2/3/1)
40Kengo7 (2/3/1)
42Sakaki6 (2/4/0)
43Yuu6 (2/4/0)
44Haruki6 (2/4/0)
45Kiyo6 (2/4/0)
46shin6 (2/4/0)
47Okapii6 (2/4/0)
48Matsumoto5 (1/3/2)
49Uribo5 (1/3/2)
50Ootamu5 (1/3/2)
51Haruki Papa5 (1/3/2)
52Natsuki5 (1/3/2)
53Souta5 (1/3/2)
54Soma5 (1/3/2)
55Kyo5 (1/3/2)
56Waitei5 (1/3/2)
57Soma Papa4 (1/4/1)
58Yoshi4 (1/4/1)
59Hajime Chichi4 (1/4/1)
60Ichi4 (1/4/1)
61Katsuta4 (1/4/1)
62Yuzu0 (0/6/0)

※Players who dropped were not included in the rankings. 
Next, we have the deck distribution of the tournament. 

Pikachu & Zekrom
22.6% (14)
Blacephalon Naganadal
21.0% (13)
Ultra Necrozma
11.3% (7)
Reshiram & Charizard
11.3% (7) 
Special Laser Necrozma
8.1%   (5)
Weavile Naganadal
4.8%   (3)
1.6%   (1)
Garchomp & Giratina Mismagius
1.6%   (1)
Giratina Malamar
1.6%   (1)
1.6%   (1)
Baby Blacephalon
1.6%   (1)
Gardevoir & Sylveon
1.6%   (1)
1.6%   (1)
Shedinja Zebstrika
1.6%   (1)
Alolan Exeggutor & Rowlet
1.6%   (1)
Landorous Garchop & Giratina
1.6%   (1)
Landorous Donphan
1.6%   (1)
Lucario Melmetal
1.6%   (1)
Rayquaza Naganadal
1.6%   (1)

The most popular deck was Pikachu & Zekrom, with multiple placings in top 8. It is most certainly a strong deck. 

In second place was Blacephalon Naganadal. It has consistency through Ultra Space, and is the deck with the most sheer power in the meta.

Similarly, Reshiram & Charizard came in third place. While it can no longer use Kiawe, its high 270HP has ensured it remains relevant in this format. 

I am looking forward to seeing which decks will actually be widely played at the World Championships. 

With that, this concludes the 19th Pokemon Card Memo Cup report. 

Thank you very much to all who participated.

Please find the original Japanese-language article here