Top 8 Decks at the Kenty GX Cup

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In preparation for the Tokyo Champions League (to be held on 22 September), I hosted the Kenty GX Cup!

All kinds of decks were played at the Cup, but here I will showcase decks of the winner, runner up and the rest of the Top 8!

Thank you very much for participating in the tournament and for providing your deck lists.

This article is one to be used as a reference when building your own decks. I will mention other related decks, so please also refer to those. 

√ Do you want to know the deck lists that performed well?

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Then, this article is for you!

What is the Kenty GX Cup?

The Kenty GX Cup is a grassroots tournament that was held on Saturday, 14 September at the Batoroko Takadanobaba shop. There was a cap of 120 people.

It was held after Alter Genesis was released, and just before the Tokyo Champions League, as I felt the metagame was in an emergency state.

Kenty GX Cup Judges

Kenty GX Cup Commentator Sharon

Champion Player Woo: Silvally GX/Persian GX

The deck which achieved victory was one which centred around Silvally GX!

In the finals, the powerful Arceus & Dialga & Palkia GX was knocked out by Mimikyu to win in a spectacular fashion!

Runner Up Player Frozen: Arceus & Dialga & Palkia GX/Keldeo GX/Victini

In second place was a deck which used Arceus & Dialga & Palkia GX and Keldeo GX as its main attackers!

Using Alter Genesis GX increases the speed at which you can take your Prize cards, and taking advantage of this allowed the deck to progress far into the tournament.

Thanks to Chaotic Swell, Powerplant is difficult to play down, so Keldeo GX is hard to knock out.

Top Four Player Va: Lycanroc GX/Zoroark GX

The differences between this deck and previous Zorork Lycanroc builds is that this deck runs Oricorio GX and Lopunny & Jigglypuff GX.

Zoroark GX is not the only Pokemon that can find you cards – Oricorio GX and Persian GX have Abilities which allow you to draw cards from your deck, resulting in consistent gameplay.

Top Four Player Rohan: Zoroark GX/Persian GX

By including a thicker line of Alolan Muk, it is easier to stop the Abilities of Basic Pokemon.

The other main characteristic of the deck is Energy denial, including cards such as Plumeria and Crushing Hammer.

Top Eight Player Yoshi: Gardevoir GX

Using Alolan Ninetales’ Ability, it is easy to set up a Gardevoir GX, and then Gardevoir GX’s Ability can be used to accelerate Energy and to ramp up damage.

The deck includes not only Persian GX but Oricorio GX, so it seems that when your Pokemon are knocked out you can easily bounce back.

Top Eight Player Kuroame: Rampardos/Armardo

Guzma & Hala allows you to find necessary pieces such as Pokemon Research Lab, Counter Energy and Karate Belt, so the maximum count of four was run.

It seems that priority should be given to setting up, even if you fall behind in the Prize race, as you can aim for a comeback.

Top Eight Player Chika: Naganadal GX

This deck is centred around the Dragon type Naganadal GX.

Running Rainbow Energy in high counts means you can take advantage of Buzzwole GX and Pheromosa & Buzzwole GX, spreading damage and later cleaning up with Naganadal GX.

Top Eight Player Reine: Hoopa Umbreon

To prevent the opposing Alolan Muk from stopping the Abilities of Hoopa or Eevee, two copies of Stealthy Hood were included.

It seems the inclusion of Guzzlord and Girafarig are countermeasures for non-GX or Mewtwo & Mew matchups. 

Kenty GX Cup Top 8 Impressions

The most common meta shifts seemed to be:

  • Alolan Muk to deal with Keldeo GX, Mewtwo & Mew GX, Tapu Lele GX, etc.
  • Ability focussed GX decks implementing Chaotic Swell as a countermeasure against opposing Powerplants
  • The inclusion of Reset Hole Marshadow to deal with Chaotic Swell.
With the release of Alter Genesis,
  • Watch out for Arceus & Dialga & Palkia GX/Keldeo GX
  • Chaotic Swell makes it easier for Ability based GX decks to succeed
These are the points that I think most players were thinking about.

While there is only one week until the Tokyo Champions League, there were no double ups of decks in the Top 8, so it seems that the metagame will keep changing dramatically!

Kenty GX Cup Tournament Videos

On the day, the matches were broadcasted on YouTubeLive, and I will post those videos.

One match was chosen to be streamed each round, and although there are some rough parts, please have a look.


Please find the original Japanese-language article here