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Breaking Down the Japanese Meta: SM1-SM12a

For deck lists, please click the following: October (English); November (English); 10月 (日本語);  11月 (日本語) The completion of the first City League season marks the end of the Sun and Moon era and the beginning of the brand new Sword and Shield format, with the Aichi Champions League to be held on 21 December. Before we get around to covering that tournament, this post will look back at and discuss the results of the first City League season. The first City League season was held from 12 October to 24 November. With cards from Sun and Moon (SM1) through to Tag All Stars (SM12a) legal, the card pool was similar to that of the Tokyo Champions League (which you can read more about here ). In total, 20 City Leagues were held in October and 28 in November, providing a breadth of data. Results Please find top 8 deck lists for October and November (unfortunately these results are incomplete as we were unable to collate all archetypes and deck lists).  October Novembe