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The Big Four of Pokemon Reveal Explosive Walker Deck Lists

Please find the original Japanese-language article  here . Note my translation is not a perfect translation and I have rearranged and reworded some parts of the original article for clarity and readability. Find also some explanatory comments inside square brackets, italicised. This website is in no way affiliated with Pokemon, Nintendo, Creatures Inc or GAME FREAK inc, and claims no rights to the original article.  Note: The ‘Big Four’ is an officially recognised title of outstanding performance. Currently, the Big Four players of Japan are (from left to right): Shintaro Ito, Yoshiyuki Yamaguchi, Daichi Shimura and Keito Arai.  In this article, deck lists featuring cards from the new mini set, Explosive Walker, will be introduced. Shintaro Ito: Centiskorch VMAX This is a deck I would recommend to people who get their hands on the feature card of Explosive Walker, Centiskorch VMAX! You can attach lots of Energy using cards like Electrode GX or Welder and then use Max Centi