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[PJNO T8] Speed Mill

Please find the original Japanese-language article here. Note my translation is not a perfect translation and I have rearranged and reworded some parts of the original article for clarity and readability. Find also some explanatory comments inside square brackets, italicised.IntroductionHi all, I’m Tanebou (@mPbCfc0scwMX1Fz), a Pokemon player from near Kashiwa and Matsudo in Chiba. I posted about my Stonjourner mill deck before and am following up with this article.I don’t really have any notable achievements so I lowered the Championship Point average of the PJNO competitors. What I’ve been doing recently is watching Juninchi Kato videos and getting into DBD [Note: I think this is referring to the game Dead by Daylight.]In general, I choose underrated cards and build fairly strange decks. I wasn’t intending to write an article about this deck, but I got a lot of questions about it such as what to do if Lance Prism Star is Prized so I figured I may as well explain it. Considering the …